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Ux designer portfolio

UX designer portfolio. This category is dedicated to my projects that have been accepted by professionals in the world of UX design. Works made on Adobe XD, Figma and Webflow. There are single pages for instance, homepage or product page.

User experience & User Interface Design

 User experience and user interface .In this paragraph I going to describe  UI and UX design .Firstly ,UX Designer is responsible for designing the recipient’s experience from scratch.

 Its aim is to increase customer satisfaction using the product by improving its functionality and usability.Moreover, Providing an easy-to-use product, and ensuring pleasant interactions between the customer and the product. Preparing solutions is preceded by a needs analysis, getting to know what the future user expects, for instance.

Secondly , designing the interface is the final phase of activities, focused on creating a user experience.

However,UI is mainly about designing interfaces that are not only pleasing to the eye, but also understandable and comfortable for the end user. In conclusion ,this activity requires extraordinary graphic skills, a sense of aesthetics and creativity, for instance .

What includes UI

Colors.The visual hierarchy of elements.Forms.Typeface and font size.Graphics and photos.Animations.Menu.Buttons.Layout of content.

Ux designer portfolio Latest project
User experience
User interface

From Mockup on Figma  to Full development project on Webflow 

Ux designer portfolio - Figma

Adobe XD

Team - Agency website Webflow project

Roar Bike - e commerce UX UI Website design Adobe XD

Mexico Travel - Agency travel UX UI Website design Adobe XD, portfolio project.

Moynooth Furniture -
e commerce shop UX UI Website design Adobe XD, portfolio project.

Ux designer portfolio

Full version of projects available to view on Behance profile UX UI Website design Adobe XD, designer portfolio.

Full version of projects available to view on Behance profile UX UI Website design Adobe XD, designer portfolio.

Ux designer portfolio-projects Adobe XD , Figma ,UI Webflow

Roar Bikes is a manufacturer of small run, contemporary bicycles sold exclusively from their own
website. Roar Bikes currently have 3 models of bike to purchase (Siamese, Sphynx, Bengal)
Primary objectives:
To build a e-commerce website for people to browse & purchase.


• Logo
• Nav
• Shopping Basket
• Login
• Contact
• 3 Bike Models
• Owner Photos (social
media streaming)

Products page for each of the bike types

• Photograph of the bike.
• Description
• Price
• Available colors
• Add to cart
• Owner photo



• Wire frames for client approval.
• High fidelity prototype.
• User Testing – We’ll be using Hallway testing & unmoderated remote testing.
• UI Assets for developers.