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Social Media Management

Social media management – Media offers unlimited possibilities for business and private persons.
Social media has taken the world by storm, it’s so popular that almost everyone has an account on Facebook, Instagram. Twitter or LinkedIn, for instance.

Moreover, where is the largest and most easily accessible database of potential customers for your business ? Yes on social media. However, how to present your industry to reach a wide audience. What to do to present or sell your product?
For this reason, running social media is one of the services we offer. If we properly present the brand, product. By regularly posting or advertising, we can be sure that our company will be more recognizable. It will gain followers and increase traffic to our site.


Social Media

The most popular social media that surely brings many benefits to companies from most industries.

Social media, are they suitable for all brands?

Where should company account be created to achieve the goal?

Everyone has their own preferences, therefore recipients can be divided into several groups.They give unlimited opportunities for the development brands in social media.




Mostly used by young people who are looking for :

  • photos,
  • graphics or
  • short videos.

Corresponding to their interests more than writing.

On Instagram, you can present your company in an easy and fun way. In addition, just like Facebook, you can show your product or service .
Open an Instagram shop to increase sales.

Well known to everyone, the age group of the user is very extensive. There are many very young and also older users. Facebook allows quite a lot of activities that we can perform on a regular basis for business purposes.
On this platform, we can create a company account, promote and sell goods and services. Write unlimited texts or short articles for posts. Publish video posts. Create advertising – Facebook Ads. Monitor results, interest in a company or product. The possibilities are not limited, it is a platform that we recommend as a basic platform in every industry.



Twitter, like all social media, has its admirers. You can also open a professional business account.
Who is the recipient? What can we discover on Twitter?
Very often run by various industries. We can find literally everything from government profiles, school news, local or world news, for instance. And many others. Everyone can find something for themselves, their interests or preferences.
However ,on these media we can add short not exceeding the limit of 280 characters. By posting photos, videos.

Pictures, Short Videos, Promotions. Perfect social media for showing your brand or advertising a product. Creative creation of boards and pins in various categories. Perfectly indexed by google, i.e. successively increasing the visibility of our product in search results.
Product sale and Pinterest Ads available


LinkedIn is a social networking site focused on career development. Building a network of professional contacts. This is where professionals from various industries can look for work, create their portfolios, exchange ideas or make recommendations to each other. From the user’s profile.We can find out, first of all, in which companies and in what positions someone has worked. We will also discover job offers. We can link accounts (connection)with people or companies that interest us.


Tik Tok, in one word – the global video community. The TikTok application in 2018 won the hearts of users, mainly young people.
What can you see on TikTok? The answer is, almost everything. There are various topics of short videos. Moreover TikTok is also used in the catering, clothing and cosmetics industries. We can find short courses, curiosities and tips on it.


YouTube has been popular since 2005. It enables registered users, both private and business accounts:

Create your channel.
YouTube Ads
Live broadcasts.
Rating and commenting videos.

Media management

Our media management service is dedicated to small and medium-sized companies:

  • Facebook Pinterest Instagram tweeter YouTube
  • We develop social media strategies to reach audiences.
  • Content – banners, video, text. Descriptions of products or services. Promotions and more.
  • Community Management – Engage and communicate across all channels.
  • Reporting – monitoring and reporting, performance data every week.
    Individual pricing for each industry.
    Complete the simple contact form for more information.