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Website design

Website design

Does website design really play a big role?
What did the first websites look like?

Why do users pay attention to the home page these days. There are many questions about design that you have probably asked yourself many times.
In a word, the lack of a professional image of the website may prove its owner. Or worse, the owner’s approach to his business, website or blog.
The appearance of a website is as important as the appearance of a person. You can refer to the proverb “As I see you, this is how I write you”

What is a website design for a web designer?
Probably most designers have similar priorities. Seek professional advice before setting up a website.
Basic goals of a web designer:

  • User-friendly interface
    eye-catching design of the site
    content that draws attention
    ease of making contact from the site
    ease of user query search

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