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Freelance web designer London

Freelance web designer London .Few words about me. I am a lover of drawing. Creating and designing websites is my passion and what I like to do on a daily basis. I started my adventure in the online world in 2014 when I designed and created the first e-commerce store. Since then I have deepened my knowledge and skills in designing websites and other necessary aspects, including marketing.
Developing skills year by year, gaining knowledge and building a portfolio.I am the founder and main web designer of TheWebCode. I also works with a great team of professionals, thanks to which we offer full comprehensive services.

I design and build beautiful website for businesses around the globe.If you need a modern and powerful website send me an email or choose service plan .My offer is extended to search engine optimization |SEO positioning .Digital and Social media marketing .If we are a good fit .I will give you a time and cost estimate . - Zapraszamy również na stronę w języku Polskim ,

freelance web designer London
freelance web designer

"Good Design is a lot like clear thinking made visual ..."


Website designer & marketing

Designer mission .As technology becomes core to every company, our job is to make digital experiences that create human connections. Websites and products that spark joy and bring value to both people and businesses.

We don’t just build great products, we put in place a robust software platform and create a visual narrative that will convey your company’s value to users.
Prepare your business for success with perfect web design ,powerful website and great marketing .
Why is worth working with freelance web designer ,because we offer best and affordable prices .

What makes a good website ?

The presence on the Internet will allow you to expand your business throughout the country, in a selected area or abroad. A well-looking website will ensure the recognition of even the most demanding customers. The website design prepared by us is distinguished by the most important features that determine its success. 


We always focus on comfort and practicality, so we want to ensure that the website is easy to use. Customers looking for a particular item on the Internet like to have easy access to all information. A clearly visible price, photo, and description of the service allow you to arouse interest and increase the chance of using your services several times.
When creating the website design, we will take care of placing information regarding the protection of personal data, and we will also guarantee you an SSL certificate. As more and more users pay attention to the security of the website. 

This is a very important element that ensures safe online shopping, for example. In addition, your website will not run out of information about cookies. Regulations and rules on your website. If, of course, you will have such wish. All the actions we take when designing the website make the website look credible and inspire trust.
Another element is the adaptation of the website to mobile devices. Many people carry out their daily activities with the use of a mobile phone. 


Adjusting the page size to the screen looks professional and encourages shopping. A responsive website is also about increasing interest and recommending it among the user’s friends. Thanks to such activities, customers will appreciate your creativity and generosity.

Every good website focuses on professionalism and positioning. Positioning is to stand out from the crowd and appear in the first positions in browsers. Thanks to the use of appropriate key phrases, customers will notice your presence and choose your services.

Freelance web designer London .Work with people from all over the world.