Web design marketing

Technical Support
Migration of hosting services and domains
Advertising. Disposable or UK .USA or Europe advertising services.
Store integrations: Ebay, Amazon, Royal Mail, MyHermes, etc.
Ebay shop
Amazon store
Etsy Shop

Alidropshipping store set up – integrations 
Courses, online training for beginners 
Advertisements in the local press
Printing services (Design plus printing)

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Web design marketing

Web design and website creator .Due to the fact  that each of us has different needs and preferences.Which is why we propose a number of solutions.Moreover,
If you need a WordPress website or a e commerce on Shopify or Prestashop . Present your vision. Brief and persona and I will take care of the rest.
Moreover all designed websites are responsive to the mobile and tablet versions.
Designing e-commerce websites and a wide range of services. Because it is not just about web design. Your store must be fully functional and friendly to customer , for instance.


Adobe XD projects , UX web designer.User experience design ?.Projects are created in Adobe XD, Figma or Webflow . That is the entire experience that the user receives when using our product or service.Designing the UI website. What people use to communicate with a product or service. The technical aspect.

The web code will help your business make a great impression. Strengthen your brand with excellent website design and marketing. Increase the number of potential customers, sell more …
However, convert new users with a great UX UI design. User research; testing. UX or User Experience. It is the sum of all reactions and feelings experienced by the user of our product. UX is all about designing the user experience, for example making sure that the product has a positive feeling in the people who use it.

Digital marketing service

Social media management. We are very busy or we spend a lot of time to our business. Not realizing the important role of social media. Not all of us know how to go about it. To gather a group of recipients for our fun page. That is why sometimes it is worth seeking advice. Better is leave the social media for specialists. Moreover ,why is it worth taking such action?
Because we are building a permanent and constantly expanding group of recipients.Regular posts, build strong communication between you and clients,for instance. Traffic to your website is increasing professional advertising. Brings many benefits to the owners of shops and websites. In conclusion ,thanks to that we can gradually increase the sale of products and services.

Our other service

We accept all orders
We run e-shops, websites or sales on eBay, for instance .
Alidropshipping stores – integration, creating new dropshipping stores, help, service, Store management .
Training for beginners on the web. With us in a simple way you will learn how to use the dashboard panel. Managing other entities.

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